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Nigel 'Michael' Pahl, known by his stage name Mic North, is a Canadian rapper hailing from Winnipeg, MB. With a diverse heritage of Metis French and Trinidadian/Moor, Mic North's musical journey has been shaped by a wide range of influences, including iconic artists such as Nas, Jay Z, 2Pac, Queen, Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh.

Growing up in the inner city, Mic North faced numerous challenges and adversity. However, his passion for music became an escape and a source of inspiration. His stepfather, Dj Magic Mike, was one of the pioneers of hip-hop in Winnipeg during the 80s, and Mic North was exposed to the genre through his influence. The first hip-hop he ever heard was from artists like Master P and Snoop Dogg on a Walkman, an experience that left a lasting impact and ignited his love for rap music.

Despite the obstacles he faced, Mic North's determination to change his life for the sake of his newborn son led him down a transformative path. After a period of incarceration, he made a conscious decision to pursue a different direction. Balancing his work in the steel industry with his musical aspirations, Mic North started recording his own music. In 2011, he was signed to a local record label, and since then, he has released eight solo mixtapes and three albums, garnering hundreds of thousands of plays and downloads.

Mic North's talent has caught the attention of industry peers, leading to collaborations with notable artists such as Peter Jackson, Young Noble, Twisted Insane, Goody Grace, and Winnipeg Most. His live performances have been met with great success, including opening acts for renowned names like Paul Wall, Lil Scrappy, Freddy Gibbs, and Riff Raff, among others.

In 2019, Mic North co-founded Jet City Records alongside the legendary producer and singer Rup Monsta. The label has not only served as a platform for Mic North's own musical endeavors but has also become a hub for nurturing talent within the hip-hop scene. Mic North's contributions to the Winnipeg hip-hop community have been recognized, earning him an award for his impactful presence in the local scene. Additionally, his music has gained recognition on satellite radio, solidifying his reach and influence.

Currently, Mic North is diligently working on new music, gearing up for an exciting tour to promote his latest singles. To stay up to date with his releases and upcoming content, be sure to join his mailing list and keep a close eye on Mic North's artistic journey as he continues to make his mark on the rap scene.

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