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Sask rappers"VIP" and " Dekoy" raise the bar with new release

The 306 is buzzing with a new release from V.I.P and Dekoy sacred scripts. The fire track is produced by A.K productions and features ominous chords with a hard live drum sound that keeps your head rocking. Rapper / singer V.I.P executes his catchy chorus that sticks in your head and speaks about how crazy things turned out which we can all relate with.

V.I.P then goes on to spit a lyrical verse with dashes of off time brilliance. After the chorus hits again Dekoy begins to spit on of the best verse i've ever heard from him. The pain in his voice really expresses how he feels about the dedication to make a success of yourself in the industry.

The track is mixed and mastered by Jay G such a sound records

The video is done masterfully by Dekoy Sacred scripts

Stream the new single from V.I.P and A.K productions feat Dekoy

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