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Saskatchewan's Hip Hop scene is starting to emerge and Pimpton is leading the charge

I was blessed to take a trip to Regina, Saskatchewan earlier this year and got to see some of the upcoming talent in the city has to offer. I got to meet Kyriel Roberts aka Pimpton and hear some of his upcoming releases. After a dope show at the lot were Dj Merky Waters, Myka 9, Ty deniro, and company tore it up. We then headed out to a hookah bar. At first I was taken back by an African place playing top 40 but soon realized the owner was tailoring to his customers.

We then headed out side and started to freesyle well the legend Myka 9 was on the beatbox. For me I needed this because the art of freestyle is falling to the way side or at-least I don't see happening as much as I would like to, Anyways this helped renew my love for the culture.

Overall my experience in Regina was great. Look out for the upcoming talent in Saskatchewan from lil coke, Ty Denrio, V.I.P, All day music, K niggz and leading the charge is Pimpton.


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