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West Coast rappers "King Benz" and "Pyoot" start the year off with BANG!!!

The west coast of Canada has been on fire as of lately producing such dope artist like Snak the Ripper, Merkules. Trey Nyce, and Tom Macdonald etc. But the under ground has a-lot of dope emerging artist like King Benz. His verses a pure genius and his flow patters are insane.

King Benz linked up with Pyoot who is a voice of the struggle for indigenous peoples.

Together they formed Tribe No gang a new duo set to take on the Canadian hip hop scene and the world.

The new single "On Road" is produced by Chef. The beat is so hard I love how Pyoot ride the bass line for a perfect heart felt chorus. He then goes on to spit some real bars expressing his pain on the track with slight off double time flow that is reminiscent of the jay z big pimping.

King Benz comes in at the climax of the track and completely destroys every element of the instrumental. I personally haven't heard such deep emotion and raw energy on a track in along time. The high quality visual is Directed by Spictacular Filmed and Edited by G-SCO for Capital wave ENT.

Some one tag @technine Tell him he needs to sing Benz

Check out "On Road" by Tribe No Gang Canada new super duo!

A Capital Wave Production:

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