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What side of history are you going to be on?

The mainstream media CBC, Global, and others have been desperately trying to portray the peaceful protest in Ottawa as a racist or hateful event. Which is far from the truth. People are now starting to wake up and see the media and government for what they really are. They are like the uncle that tells your not to do drugs well he‘s secretly high on crack. There is no such thing as journalism anymore maybe there never was?

Justin trudeau‘s recent comments are even more disturbing and appalling than ever. Calling Canadians a “small fringe minority“ and condeming the lawful prostest of his citizens to mandates that have been destroying lives and have little to no proof on their effectiveness. Not to mention running our economy in to the ground by deflating the value of our dollar. All the truckers want is the freedom to choose and to free our children of the mask’s. Wether your and pro vax or anti vax we must allow the freedom of choice or we risk the chance of losing our democracy or even worse our humanity.

This might be the greatest cultural event in our recent history.

This isn’t mask vs no mask

it’s good vs evil, freedom vs obedience,

what side are you on?

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